Basic information
TT Clone: Triatlon 1,9-90-21
Date: 2. 6. 2018
City: Pardubice
Region: Pardubický kraj
GPS start position: Loc: 50°6'14.702"N, 15°42'53.446"E
GPS position of the presentation: Loc: 50°6'14.702"N, 15°42'53.446"E
Race character: ---
Category: ---
Prize money: ---
Organizer: OMT o.s.
Organizer's web: Open
Registration deadline: ---
CTA registartions: Yes
Registration at the competition site: No
Starting fee
Bank account number: 107-4849380207/0100
Payment deadline: ---
Age categories group Discounted starting fee *) Basic starting fee
--- ---
--- ---
--- ---
3 200 Kč / 120,00 € 3 300 Kč / 125,00 €
3 200 Kč / 120,00 € 3 300 Kč / 125,00 €
Optional items
T-shirt "I'm training to CZECHMAN Triatlon 2018" (info) 390 CZK (15,00 EUR)
Main referee: ---
Referee: ---
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Competitions series
Track Age Gender
CZECHMAN Triatlon (1,9-90-21) 18+ Men + Women
Group categories
Families Teams Firms Relays
Organizer comment
Individual entry fee:
For 1st and 2nd Wave (300 slots) is entry fee 2700,- CZK (with licence of Czech Triathlon Association 2600,- CZK)

For 3rd Wave (200 slots) is entry fee 3000,- CZK (with licence of Czech Triathlon Association 2900,- CZK)

For 4th Wave (200 slots) is entry fee 3300,- CZK (with licence of Czech Triathlon Association 3200,- CZK)

Members of Czech Triathlon Association with valid licence for 2017 or 2018 have a discount from the entry fee 100,- CZK.

THE APPLICATION IS VALID WHEN THE PAYMENT IS ADDED TO IT. Decisive for the amount of starting fee is the date on which the payment is credited to the organizer's bank account.
The organizer reserves the right to cancel the registration, which will not be linked to the payment within 3 working days of filing the application!

In case of cancellation of registration:
until 31.3.2018 organizer returns 75% of starting fee
until 30.4.2018 organizer returns 50% of starting fee
from 1.5.2018 organizer will not return any amount of starting fee

Cancellation does not take place automatically, if you wish to cancel the registration please write to:

Registration form will include option to buy a T-shirt "I'm traning to CZECHMAN Triatlon 2018" in men's and women's cut. Price is 12€ (including postage). Design of T-shirt: Original T-shirt CZECHMAN 2018

Bank account number : 107-4849380207/0100
IBAN CZ3401000001074849380207
BIC swift kod banky: KOMBCZPPXXX

Komerční banka a.s.
Na Příkopě 33
Praha 1
110 00