Competition rating CZECHMAN Triatlon, 1. 6. 2019

Hodnocení závodníků

Zeman Zbyněk, 5. 6. 2019
Naprosto dokonalá organizace a zajištění závodu.
Visentin Eric, 4. 6. 2019
Very nice triathlon with a long tradition and lots of supporters, where we can feel the atmosphere of an event with lot of history, and the essence of the Czech lifestyle and mindset, close to the nature. However due to an increasing popularity and an amount of participants that barely fit on the beach, and uncomfortable swimming till the end due to the density of participants, I would recommend to organize a rolling start in the future. This is not a critic, just an idea. Well done for all the good job on all other aspects of the race, and perhaps see you another time in the next years ;)